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Kite Control is your premium kitesurf school in Portugal. Kite Control takes proper care of the student's individual goals, expectations, and concerns through the tailor-made kitesurfing programs:

✔ Private kiteboarding lessons: learn at your own pace while your dedicated instructor focuses on your own goals.
✔ Group kiteboarding lessons: learn with a friend and watch each other ride while you progress to the next level.

Whichever lesson program you take, you'll be provided with an authentic extreme sport experience: fun and safe riding in no time!

Also, the expert team prides itself on being one of the first kitesurfing schools in the Lisbon area to offer a tandem kiteboarding experience.

You will learn how to kite at the epic local spot 'Obidos Lagoon' near the beautiful old walled town called Obidos. The spot is a flat water lagoon home to consistent winds and butter flat waters that suit beginners to the most advanced kitesurfers. The kite school is based on the south side of the lagoon close to Peniche and Baleal and just a short drive from Lisbon. This place is Portugal's kitesurfing heaven!

They teach using the latest Ozone kites and keep you safe and warm with the highest quality Mystic wetsuits, life vests, and harnesses. They aim to make your kitesurfing dreams become reality as best as possible. Whether you're searching for your next adrenaline rush or just looking to try something new, kitesurfing can be the sport, the hobby and the lifestyle change you've been thirsting for. 

Fuelled by a strong passion for kiteboarding, the professional team certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) guarantees the quickest, safest and most enjoyable way of learning to kitesurf in Portugal - after all, it's what they're all about!

To kitesurf is to embrace freedom: flying along with the wind, go to places you never imagined you would visit and break free from the crowd. Kitesurfing is more than just a sport; it is your ticket to the world as you take on new heights and expand your horizon by travelling and kiteboarding everywhere and anywhere around the globe!

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