Scuba Diving PADI courses in Terceira, Azores
Scuba Diving PADI courses in Terceira, Azores
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sport level
    from Beginner to Intermediate
  • Spoken languages
    English, Portuguese, French
  • Duration
    from 2-3 days to 4-7 days
  • Opening seasons:
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Activity description

Looking for adventure while in Terceira island? Then look no further. The Open Water or Advanced Open Water is the perfect way to have some fun in the island, and get to be a certified diver able to dive down to 18 m. or 30m. respectively. With a qualified team of experts Arraia Divers will provide you with high quality classes and you will get your certification in the idyllic island of Terceira. 

Open Water course

The adventure stangely enough starts at your home. To become a PADI certified Open Water diver, you will need to complete first you e-PADI training. There are 5 chapters of theory to complete and then off you go to Terceira for your diving. 

At the beginning you will have 5 shallow dives (usually in the pool)  to learn how to use the equipment. Once you've mastered your diving skills, you will have to complete 4 open water dives in the sea off the coast of the island of Terceira. The open water dives are performed in the open sea at a maximum depth of 18 metres. At the end of the course if you are able to demonstrate mastery of what you've learned  you will get your certification. 

The Open Water dives take place in the house's reef : the famous Silveira Reef. 

Advanced Open Water 

The next step after completing your Open Water certification is the Advanced Open Water. Now that you are able to go down to 18m. it's time to progress and explore the new depths at 30 m. below the surface. 

You will have 5 specialty dives to complete. Two of them are obligatory: the deep dive and navigation dive. You get to choose the three dives left from the following specialties:  Peak Performance Buoyancy, Boat, Wreck,  Night diving, Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Digital Underwater Imaging, as well as Search and Recovery.

The scuba diving spots

Entry point: Coast
Depth: 10 meters (33 feet) max

The Lidador is a British steamboat that is part of the Archaeological Subaquatic Park of Angra do Heroismo Bay, on the south side of Terceria. This 78,67 meter long steamboat was built in London in 1873 and sailed the shipping lane connecting Portugal to Brazil. It made regular stops in the Azorean archipelago, carrying both passengers and varied cargo.

On the 6th February, 1878, Lidador hit a shoal which was opposite the fortress of Sao Sebastian resulting in heavy damage to the ships hull. The steamboat wandered westwards until it ran aground parallel to Cais da Figuerinha at about 8 meter deep and 50 meters away from the cost where it can still be found.

Sighted species
- Common octopus
- Streaked gurnard
- Common bream
- Grey triggerfish 
- Plane head filefish
- Red mullet
- Guinean pufferfish

Calhreta do Lagador
Entry point: Coast
Depth: 25 meters (82 feet) max

Calheta do Lagador is a place that belongs to the village of Biscoitos, a former whaling village which is situated on the north coast of Terceira. It is a combination of the amazing underwater topography plus sealife that makes Calheta do Lagador a favorite. This is one of the most well-known areas in the islands because of its natural tidal pools.

Sighted species
- Yellow mouth barracuda 
- Common octopus 
- Almaco jack
- Black morray
- Conger eel
- Dusky grouper
- Axillary two-banded seabream

Cinco Ribeiras
Entry point: Coast
Depth: 30 meters (98 feet) max

Cinco Rebeiras is a village situated on the south-western coast of the island of Terceira. The surrounding coast is constituted by lava flows that originated lave arches and lava tubes. The particular morphology of this area enable the formation of one of the most famous underwater caves of Terceira – Cinco Rebeiras Cave.

Sighted Species
- Round stingray
- Common octopus
- Boxlip mullet
- Fangtooth morray
- Cardinal fish
- Atlantic lizardfish
- Narwal shrimp

Cemitério das Ancoras
Entry point: Boat
Depth: 15 meters (49 feet) min. – 35 meters (115 feet) max

In the 15th century, Angra Bay was one of the main support harbours for the ships that linked Europe to America and to India. Until the 20th century, more than 30 different types of anchors were 'left' behind due to storms and anchor errors. The Anchor Graveyard occupies an area of 500 meter (1640 feet) width, between Sao Benedictos Fort and Ponta do Farol. It is also part of the Archaeological Subaquatic Park of Angra do Heroismo Bay.

Sighted species
- Almaco jack
- Dusky grouper
- Mediterranean morray
- Blacktail comber
- Guinean pufferfish
- Grey triggerfish

Gruta do Ilheu das Cabras
Entry point: Boat
Depth: 30m (98 feet)

The famous Gruta do Ilheu das Cabras is situated in the northern slope of the western islet, at about 0,3 nautical miles from the southern coast of the island of Terceira. This cave is also known as Gruta dos Ratoes (Stingray Cave) as it is almost certain to see them inside. The whole dive may be performed inside the cave, enjoying the spectacle or it may continue outside along the islets wall with the chance of sighting large pelagic fish.

Sighted species
- Almaco jack
- Round stingray
- Eagle ray
- Yellowmouth barracuda
- Bogue seabreem
- Grey triggerfish
- Red hogfish
- Dusky grouper

Cancellation policy: 
1) Cancellation 4 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% refund

3) 48 hours or later are what we call last-minute cancellations
→ No refund will be made


1PADI Open Water course
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2PADI Advanced Open Water course
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