Private and semi private beginners kitesurfing course in Corralejo
Private and semi private beginners kitesurfing course in Corralejo
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sport level
  • Spoken languages
    Spanish, English
  • Duration
    from 2 half days to 5 half days
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

Start your journey into the amazing thrill of gliding over the waves while gathering the force of the wind. In no time Fuerteventura Kite School will get you going!

Corralejo, in northern Fuerteventura, is one of the best kitesurfing areas of the Canary Islands. The northern tip of the island is a windy region coming usually from the north and northeast which makes it perfect for kitesurfing. During the months with the strongest wind, you can expect winds of 16 to 22 knots. Another characteristic that makes Fuerteventura a great spot, is that as opposed to the volcanic beaches of other islands, Fuerteventura has sandy beaches perfect for beginners!

Becoming an independent kitesurfer will take some time, but Fuerteventura Kite School's teaching method has been tested and approved! With the team, you'll learn how to manage the wind, you'll learn to sail, all safety measures to take into account, and you might even start performing your very first tricks!

4 different courses of different lengths are available to you in a private or semi-private mode. If you choose to go private, you'll have the full attention of the coach who will help you polish your technique right from the start. The semi-private option allows you to train with a partner, giving you the chance of sharing the experience!

The options

Basic course: 2 3-hour sessions that will be divided in 2 days. You will learn the basics so you'll be ready to enter the water.
Master course: 3 3-hour sessions done in 3 days. Thought and designed for a full kitesurf experience with first attempts at navigation.
Pro course: 4 3-hour sessions done in 4 days. This course will develop your technique so you feel safe allowing you to enjoy by yourself.
Independent course: 5 3-hour sessions done in 5 days. You'll acquire all the knowledge and tools to develop your technique, making you feel comfortable riding in both directions.

Cancellation policy: 
1) Cancellation 4 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% refund

3) 48 hours or later are what we call last-minute cancellations
→ No refund will be made


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4Independent course: Private
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5Basic course: Semi private
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8Independent course: Semi private
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Meeting point
Fuerteventura Kite School: C/ Playa Cho León 32, Loc.2 35660 Corralejo, Fuerteventura - Las Palmas de G.C. – España Get directions
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