Private surfing lessons and coaching in Longeville-sur-Mer
Private surfing lessons and coaching in Longeville-sur-Mer
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Activity description

Come and try a private lesson with Manu Surf School, the instructor will create a tailor-made session completely adapted to you, your surfing level and goals.

The school focuses on specific areas to help you improve your techniques.

Beginners are usually guided towards:
To optimise you paddling techniques you have to find the ideal position that will help you maintain your balance and help you glide on the water. To facilitate this find a marker on the board (a motif, or mark in the wax within your field of vision).

Standing up
Place your hands flat on your board. Rotate your pelvis slightly to facilitate placing your feet under your body in between your hands. You straighten up initially by using your foot and sliding it along the board. Straighten up from the ‘sphinx’ position to stabilise your board. Open your chest slightly by pushing forward on your front foot. Whatever you do, do not kneel down, this is a mistake that’s very difficult to correct and you’ll fall over very often. When the foam touches you, arch your back and move your face away from the board so you don’t tip into the water.

Take off
Look at the wave until the last minute to evaluate the moment you will take off. Paddle as much as you can and push forward on your chest to go into the wave. As soon as you’re up, don’t look down at your feet but rather in front of you, the direction you want your board to go in. It’s very easy to lose your balance once the fatigue sets in. Don’t hesitate to take a break, especially when you’re in a safe area or on the beach.

Intermediate level surfers are guided towards:
Maintaining your position
Look towards the wave, as it slows down you have to bend down to maintain your balance. Once the wave speeds up you can straighten up.    

Turning is the key word when surfing. You turn your head along with your shoulders, followed by your pelvis and your feet. If you push backwards, the board will slow down and will not go in the right direction. You need to push down with your back foot (equal pressure along the sole of your foot) and at the same time push gently with your front foot. It’s just a question of doing the right amount of everything.

Advanced level surfers are guided towards:
The bottom turn
Look directly at the wave in front of you to go down far, watch your nose as you’re taking off.  Block your thighs by bending towards the base of the wave.

Cut back
This is a slight half-turn to come back close of the breaking point. You need to bend slightly, rotate your shoulders and focus on where you want your board to go. If you push down too hard on your back foot your board will slow down.

Duck Dive
Do not let go of your board even if you do not successfully execute this move. Harmonise the movement of your head by using your arms. Speed up by padding to dive down deep then pushing down with your knee. Once you have mastered this technique, try to replace your knee by your foot. Essentially this move is diving under an oncoming wave when paddling out.

Cancellation policy: 
1) Cancellation 4 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% refund

3) 48 hours or later are what we call last-minute cancellations
→ No refund will be made


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Meeting point
769, Avenue du Docteur Joussemet, Plage des conches, 85560 Longeville-sur-Mer Get directions
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