Hiking Expedition in the Amazon rainforest in French Guiana
Hiking Expedition in the Amazon rainforest in French Guiana
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sport level
  • Spoken languages
    French, English
  • Duration
    4-7 days
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

Come and discover the Amazon rainforest with Atmosphere d'Amazonie. The theme of this activity is "Being in harmony with nature". You will learn the basics of how to survive in the wild by using your senses and ensuring your safety ; you will spend the night in a bivouac that you will set up yourself.

For all these backpack hikes, get ready to walk for at least 4 hours, since the objective is to go as far as possible from civilization. One of your first missions (with the help of the guide) will be to find a good spot to set up the bivouac. Once this will be done, it can be improved over the days. The goal of this expedition is not only to walk but also to enjoy being in the forest, focusing on your senses, taking pictures (of the landscapes, of the group...) and observing the stunning fauna and flora of the Amazon.

Atmosphère d’Amazonie thinks walking for walking's sake is pointless. They want you to focus on moving slowly into the jungle, penetrating the natural environment, stimulating all your senses while observing nature and sleeping in a nice bivouac you will set up yourself.

You will be traveling around the bivouac area during the day and during the night. The Guianese forest is far from being ideal for an easy stroll. Be ready for a bumpy and rough terrain!

In this area, the forest has never been exploited, it's too far even for hunters! Magical encounters with an animal can happen anytime so keep your eyes open!

Cancellation policy: 
1) Cancellation 30 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically reimbursed the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 30 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% reimbursement

3) 10 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, are considered last-minute cancellations
→ No reimbursements will be effected


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Meeting point
At the junction between the national road (N1) and the road of Petit Saut Get directions
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