Tandem skydive (12,000 ft) over Taupo

Tandem skydive (12,000 ft) over Taupo
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sport level: Beginner
  • Spoken languages: English
  • Fitness level: Beginner
  • Minimum age: minimum 10 y/o
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Cancellation policy: 
    super flexibleFREE cancellation with full refund up to 24 hours before the start of the activity.
  • Meeting point:
    Skydive Taupo: Look for the PINK PLANE!, 1465 Anzac Memorial Drive, Wharewaka, Taupo 3378, New Zealand
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

Get ready to experience a 12,000 ft. skydive in one of the world's most beautiful drop zone. Skydive Taupo will grant you amazing landscapes before jumping and reaching speeds of up 200 km/h while dropping!

The adventure starts right from the moment you arrive at Skydive Taupo. The drop zone is located at the Taupo Airport, just 7 min. away from the township of Taupo. The skydiving center actually offers a free limo transfer to the drop zone if you're located in Taupo and a return shuttle to Rotorua!

After meeting the friendly staff, you'll receive a brief in which you'll be explained what you've gotten into, this is the moment where stress levels might go up, but don't worry, everything will be fine!

Then, you'll get geared up: you'll get into a jumpsuit, you'll put on a bonnet and googles, and you'll strap on your harness. At this point, you'll meet your partner throughout the skydive, your tandem instructor. Make sure to clear all your doubts during the safety brief! If you choose to add the Handycam or Monty video package, you'll be interviewed during the waiting time before boarding the plane.

Next, you'll hear the boarding call, this means it's your turn to hop on the plane with your instructor. Pinky, and NZ custom-made PAC 750 XL, will take you on a scenic 20-min. flight until reaching the desired altitude: 12,000ft. Once at 12,000 ft. you'll see the red light turn green, and the door open: this is the point of no return, get ready to jump! Your instructor will position you for the jump and 3,2,1...of you go!

45 seconds of freefall sound like not much, but when you'll experience it will seem like forever! You'll laugh and scream your lungs out as you reach 200 km./h.! The feeling is like floating on an air cushion rather than falling. By the way, smile for the camera since your instructor will be equipped with video and photos cameras (additionally to your cameraman if you decide to book him).

At 5,000 ft. the parachute will open and you'll then glide over the magnificent landscapes of Taupo. The instructor will give you the signal so you lift your legs for the landing and that's it: you've just skydived! Back at the center, you'll be able to relax, share the experience and go over the photos and video of the jump.

Activity requirements

Participants must weigh less than 100 kg. and be in good health. Minors must have authorization and be accompanied by their parents.

Special terms

Please get in touch with your provider after booking to arrange the pickup service.

You need to allow 2 ½ to 3 hours from the time you arrive at the dropzone to complete your skydive.

Please mind your activity might get rescheduled in case of bad weather.

Optional photo packages to be paid on site:

Handycam package = 179NZD$

For this option, your instructor will wear two wide-angle cameras on his wrist, one for HD video and one for photos to catch all those wonderful close-up skydiving expressions.

Freedive package = 219NZD$

This option includes one of Skydive Taupo's highly skilled skydiving cameramen who will join you for your skydive. The footage starts on the ground where you meet your cameraman who has two cameras attached to his helmet, one capturing HD video and another DSLR taking still images. You generally have around 40 pics

Mini Monty package = 309NZD$

The Monty package is the most deluxe offering. They combine everything from both the Freefall and Handycam packages. So not only will you get the 4 interviews and the up-close, personal footage of the Handycam, but you’ll also have your own skydiving cameraman capturing wide-angle scenic shots who’ll fly in an interaction with you as well.

  • All necessary equipment
  • Photos and video
Do not forget to bring
  • Warm clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed shoes
Meeting point
Skydive Taupo: Look for the PINK PLANE!, 1465 Anzac Memorial Drive, Wharewaka, Taupo 3378, New Zealand Get directions


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