Snowmobile excursion in Dagali, Geilo

Hardangervidda National Park, Norway
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Snowmobile excursion in Dagali, Geilo
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    English, Norwegian
  • Duration
    3 hrs
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Activity description

Come and enjoy a thrilling snowmobile excursion surrounded by the exquisite Scandinavian landscapes that spread far and wide.

This is guaranteed to be a great excursion with beautiful Norwegian winter backdrops, an excursion that you can share with your friends and family.

Animal lovers are going to be on cloud nine, as you're very likely to come across elk, deer, eagles and many other magnificent animals.

You'll drive along Pålsbufjorden in Nore and Uvdal and you'll start and end at Dagaliopplevelser.

Half way through the excursion you'll stop for a break, enjoying a delicious hot drink to get you warmed up for the second half of the outing.


1Snowmobile excursion: one seater
US$ 151/person
3 hrs Beginner
2Snowmobile excursion: two seater
US$ 100/person
3 hrs Beginner
Hardangervidda National Park
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