Sardine run in Mboyti near Durban
Sardine run in Mboyti near Durban

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    English, Italian, Afrikaans
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    > 1 week
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Activity description

The sardine run has been described many ways: a feeding freenzy, a natural masterpiece...yet words not suffice to capture the feeling of watching so many creatures feasting on thousands of sardines!

Around June each year, word gets out along the KwaZulu-Natal coast that the sardines have arrived. They’ve swum for more than 30 days from their spawning ground in the Cape to reach South Africa's east coast. Scores of fishermen join the sharks, game fish, marine mammals and birds that gorge themselves on the shimmering band of silver fish.

Why large shoals of sardines swim to the KwaZulu-Natal coast during the winter months remains a mystery. And yet each year it's the same: starting in May, millions of small, shiny fish make the one-way journey from the cold waters of the Cape to the warmer tides of KwaZulu-Natal, coloring the shoreline silver as they convene close to the coast.

During the 7 day trip you will enjoy full days of action on the Sardine run. Each morning after breakfast you'll hit the open sea for a full day of searching for bait balls and to enjoy the abundance of marine activity!

After witnessing one of the most impressive displays of nature in all its glory, each day you'll finish in mid afternoon and then evenings will be enjoyed at the resort so you can replenish your energy and start again the next morning.

Cancellation policy: 
1) Cancellation 30 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically reimbursed the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 30 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% reimbursement

3) 10 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, are considered last-minute cancellations
→ No reimbursements will be effected


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Meeting point
Mboyti River Lodge, Mbotyi Village, District of Lusikisiki, Lusikisiki, 4820, South Africa Get directions
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