Waterfall zipline tour over the Kruis River
Waterfall zipline tour over the Kruis River
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Activity description

This world renowned waterfall zipline tour takes you across the Kruis River. You'll go on 8 slides totaling 822m (2697 feet) of which the longest is 211m (692 feet).

What makes the Tsitsikamma waterfall zipline tour unique is that you have the opportunity to safely slide on a zip line across 3 beautiful waterfalls surrounded by indigenous trees and plants. This eco-adventure is sure to give you an adrenaline rush as you zigzag across the Kruis River with the wind in your face. You will hear the rush of the waterfalls throughout the zipline tour.

If for some reason you are unable to enjoy the zipline tour, you are more than welcome to take a walk along the footpaths, decks and suspension bridge overlooking the beauty of the waterfalls and nature.

The spot
Situated 8km’s east of Storms River Bridge (Paul Sauer bridge) on the N2, Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park offers spectacular zipline adventure slides across the Kruis River. The eight slides, of which the longest is 211m, zigzag along cables across the river gorge, as high as 50m above the water in some places.

Each section presents its own surprises, adventure, wonders and beautiful views over indigenous Tsitsikamma fauna and flora. You can control the speed of your descent, allowing you to stop midcable to take in some of the awesome views over the waterfalls. The guides provide interesting commentary about the area as you traverse the gorge and waterfalls.

minimum 6 y/o
Starting time: 9:00 am, 9:30 am, 10:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:00 am, 11:30 am, 12:00 pm, 12:30 pm, 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm,
Cancellation policy: 
moderate1) Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically reimbursed for the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 4 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% reimbursement

3) 4 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, is considered last-minute cancellations
→ No reimbursements will be effected

Upon your arrival you must report at the reception, where you’ll be given an indemnity form to sign. The guides will then get you geared up in a harness for an amazing experience.

Once kitted out you'll be introduced and accompanied by two professional guides to the starting point of the tour. There you will be given a safety briefing and the guides will explain the do's and don'ts during the tour. They will explain how the patented braking system works. The first two slides are relatively slow just to get you used the experience.

On the fifth slide, you will cross over the first waterfall and land on a platform above the crest of the second waterfall. On the sixth slide of 165 meters you’ll cross over two more stunning waterfalls, passing the cliffs that are only an arm's length away. From there you’ll walk up a pathway approximately 150 meters where you will receive a refreshing drink. From the deck you can enjoy the beauty of one the Garden Route's hidden gems with a breathtaking view overlooking the waterfalls. If you choose to, you can take a short walk to the suspension bridge where the abseiling takes place and get a stunning view from above the second waterfall.

After enjoying your refreshment you’ll take a walk approximately 100 meters to the start of the longest and highest slide. This slide is 211m (692 feet) long and at times 50 meters (20 stories) above the ground. The eighth and last slide will bring you back across the river and you will return to the kitting rooms and you’ll be offered complimentary refreshment.

Activity requirements

All participants must:
- Be in good physical health
- Not suffer from vertigo or any other health problems
- Not be pregnant

Special terms

Larger groups can be accommodated, please contact Adrenaline Hunter to find out more.

The tours depart every 30 minutes and groups sizes can be up to 12 people. The tour operates in most weather conditions (even when it's raining) and tours will only be stopped if there is lightning or if it is deemed that it would be unsafe and endanger your safety.

Viewing the waterfalls and walking along the river is free of charge and permission can be obtained at the reception.

Please adhere to the signs and instructions along the route and note that you do this at your own risk.

  • All necessary ziplining gear
  • Rain cover if it's raining
  • Transfers
Do not forget to bring
To bring
  • Comfortable clothing adapted to the weather conditons
  • Sunglasses with a neck strap
  • Sunscreen
  • Elastic band to tie up long hair
  • Camera
Meeting point
Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure: Farm 509/1, Witelsbos, Tsitsikamma, 6304 Get directions

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5 / 5
Very good
Zipline waterfall
  • 5 / 5

Great Experience, the zipline was a lot of fun.

  • 5 / 5

Zipline waterfall

Waterfall Zipline
  • 4 / 5

Staff was great and the zipline was fun. The centre needs some work, especially the entrance. Hopefully will be better in a few months. 500m zipline should be fantastic when it opens, but hopefully it will not be too pricey.

Waterfall Zipline
  • 4 / 5

Great fun - little Emma's first time - she wanted to do it again!

Excellent experience
  • 4 / 5

Great fun felt very safe.

It was a great experience, one I won’t forget very soon. Everyone was professional and friendly. Our guides were awesome!
  • 4 / 5

The zip lines were well maintained and everything was well organized

Missing something
  • 4 / 5

Gutted about the abseiling cancelled

An unforgettable experience
  • 5 / 5

We were only two in the group so the time flew by.. but we had breathtaking views.

Great fun
  • 4 / 5

Zip wire through the forest and waterfall

  • 5 / 5


Enjoyable zip lining
  • 5 / 5

It was a first time zip lining well worth the experience

Good experience!
  • 4 / 5

The zip-lining was a fun experience with my wife. However, I wish it was longer, faster, and higher.

  • 4 / 5

Wow - what an experience, it could be longer ;) and faster

Everything good
  • 5 / 5


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