Discover the most beautiful paragliding sites in Europe. From the highest peaks of the Alps to the magnificent beaches of the Greek islands, this selection invites you to fly over the best destinations for paragliding in Europe. Whether it is for a discovery paragliding tandem flight or to admire the landscapes in tandem flight, you have the choice between many destinations in Europe. We have selected a list of the most beautiful paragliding sites to visit from the air! 

Discover the best spots for paragliding tandem flight in Europe, from Annecy in France, Lefkada in Greece, Seville or Tenerife in Spain, Interlaken in Switzerland, Reykjavik in Iceland, and more... Follow us and discover the best destinations for paragliding in Europe. 



- Kefalonia, Greece

- Annecy, France

- Grenoble, France

- Province of Huesca, Spain

- Lake Garda, Italy

- Seville, Spain

- Tenerife, Spain

- Interlaken, Switzerland

- Reykjavik, Iceland

- Lefkada, Greece



How am I installed during the paragliding flight?

After takeoff, you will be comfortably seated in your harness in front of the pilot. The sensation is a bit like a sports car bucket seat. In flight, your hands are free so you can film your paragliding baptism.


I'm afraid of being dizzy!

Rest assured, the vertigo disappears in everybody as soon as our feet leave the ground. It's like parachuting. From the moment your feet do not touch the ground, you no longer have dizziness. Your concern will disappear very quickly.


Is it dangerous ?

No paragliding is not a dangerous sport, from the moment you take off with an accredited professional. The evolution of the equipment and the professionalism of our partners ensure optimum safety.


At what age can I fly?

The age of the passengers varies from 5 to 95 years. He has no age to fly in paragliding.

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