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Our thirst for adrenaline too often came to a standstill while trying to book adrenaline trips around the world. We searched high-and-low online, sent a plethora of emails — all to no avail. Thus came to life the idea of Adrenaline Hunter. Adrenaline Hunter is the first booking platform for extreme sports and adventure travel worldwide. We aim to provide adrenaline seekers with the best lessons, courses, camps and experiences in all our elements: AIR, SNOW, LAND, WATER, URBAN, CRAZY. Value proposition: the simplicity of use, the diversity and depth of our catalogue of activities, and the specific extreme sports-dependent features offered by Adrenaline Hunter allow users to save time, find a wide range of activities through the best spots on earth, check availability and send a booking request in few clicks.

  • 7095activities
  • 2576providers
  • 95countries
  • 1166spots
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