Co-Founder, Investor and Advisor in Client Acquisition & IT

Denis is a web developer who turned into a successful serial entrepreneur. Denis notably co-founded (sold to TripAdvisor) as well as many other start-ups.
He is currently an investor and advisor in successful start-up businesses such as and Habiteo, and of course Adrenaline Hunter.
Denis acts as an active business angel, and regularly shares his expertise and experience with the businesses he invests in and accompanies. Denis’ core competencies lie in IT, web development and client acquisition. Denis is also an expert in creating and managing marketplaces and booking platforms. In 2014 Challenges magazine ranked Denis as one of the top 10 major French Investors. 

Investor & Advisor for Travel, Payments and Adrenaline Hunter’s network of Partners

As a former General Manager at American Express, Armand has worked in the travel industry for more than 15 years, and in the payment services business for 25 years, both for European and American companies. 
Under his leadership, American Express teams based in France, Netherland, and Spain developed a wide range of services helping merchants and suppliers with customer analytics and targeted promotions to grow their business. 
As a seasoned expert in digital Payment, Armand also served 2 mandates at the Banque de France, in its card payment security supervisory body. 
A number of press articles and Industry seminars report Armand’s Merchant/Supplier centric expertise, which he regularly shares with Adrenaline Hunter.

Philippe YONNET
Investor and Advisor, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Philippe Yonnet is the CEO of the well-respected SEO agency Search Foresight. Philippe has been in the web industry for many years, and he started working more specifically in SEO back in 2003 - and quickly became a renowned expert in this field. Over the years he has shared his know-how with his clients but also his peers through articles, conferences and seminars.
He has also applied his skills as SEO Director at international classifieds business Vivastreet and comparison search engine Twenga before leading Search Foresight’s SEO consultancy business. In 2013, after conducting an opinion poll with SEO and web marketing professionals, Journal du NET ranked Philippe Yonnet in the top 5 French SEO Experts.


Charles Dunston is a serial entrepreneur who notably created Chronoresto, a leading internet-based food-delivery service, which was later sold to Yellow Pages. He is also the founder of Dial-Once, the reference in mobile and digital customer service with an innovative solution replacing hotlines with a free visual interface.
Charles is also an active Business Angel and is an investor in many promising start-ups.

Investment fund

Pascal Quiry and Yann Le Fur created Monestier Capital in 2013 to take minority stakes in developing start-ups.

Pascal Quiry is a corporate finance lecturer at HEC Paris, where he holds the BNP Paribas Corporate Finance Chair and teaches to post-grad and MBA students. In 2013 he was elected Teacher of the Year in HEC. Pascal was previously Managing Director in BNP Paribas’ M&A department where he led 180 M&A professionals in Europe and in the US. Pascal also co-authors the Vernimmen book (Wiley Publishers), which is the corporate finance book of reference in France and Europe. 

Yann Le Fur is an affiliated finance lecturer at HEC Paris, where he has been teaching corporate finance for over 15 years. Yann has co-authored various publications such as Corporate Finance, Theory and Practice (Wiley Publishers), Frequently Asked Questions in Corporate Finance (Wiley) and Finance d'entreprise (Dalloz). Yann Le Fur also has 20 years of experience in investment banking (Paribas, Schroders, Citigroup, Mediobanca, Natixis). 

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