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Algarve Balloons is a professional team with an Air Operators Certificate with ANAC certification to fly in Portugal, all European countries and further afield.

Flying in Portugal since 2001, Algarve Balloons expands its services to all aeronauts who wish to share the Portuguese skies!

The team:
- Helena Sé is a UK Comercial licenced pilot and company administrator. Born in South African, she started ballooning in 1991 as crew in South Africa and obtained her pilot's licence in 2001 in the UK.
- Guido van der Velden Santos is a Dutch born with French comercial licence. He is Algarve Balloons' pilot partner in the North.
- Phil & Allie Dunnington are partnership comercial pilots based in the UK. They are also instructors and examinors at Algarve Balloons. 
- Rodrigo Mauricio is the chief crew and was born in Portugal. He joined the ground support team in 2012. 
- Fernando Sá is the crew and financial administrator. Portuguese born, Fernando is a big force behind the company.
- Ana Rosa Fragoso is part of the Portuguese crew.
- António Camilo is a Portuguese paramotor pilot.

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