When he was only a teenager, Patrick Fresquet fell in love with the DOM (French Overseas Territories), starting with Guadeloupe and Reunion Island. In 1988, he discovered the Department of French Guiana where he started to explore the Amazon rainforest. As a freelance guide since November 1999, Patrick knows the Guyanese rivers like the back of his hand, as well as the entire Guiana Shield. 

This nature and fishing fan is one of the pioneers of aïmara fishing. The aïmara is a big carnivorous and nocturnal freshwater fish. Patrick is a fan of both modern and traditional fishing, he thinks of himself as a craftsman working with nature, as a service producer who wishes to preserve the Amazon environment. 

Patrick, who has been working as a guide for 20 years, is still absolutely motivated by his passion. He loves being in contact with nature, focusing on his senses, observing the wildlife around him and enjoying some good chargrilled fish.

Far from providing standard services, Atmosphère d’Amazonie offers a whole new concept. It's a kind of local tourism where quality is a priority over quantity and volume. You'll be living a unique, real and out of the ordinary adventure in this beautiful region and its multiple identities.

Atmosphère d'Amazonie is a passionate supporter of ecotourism who carefully avoids disturbing the environment of the Amazon rainforest. 

The team
Atmosphère d'Amazonie has a long field experience! Because the environment is very protected and because it's a French department, you will discover this wild part of the world in the best sanitary conditions ever. With 3 professional guides and canoeists specialized in the forest, the emphasis is given to the customer's satisfaction. The guides are here for you during the whole excursion. The groups will be organized depending on specfic and complementary activities.

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