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Max has been teaching scuba diving since 1992. He moved to Reunion Island in 2001 and he started running B'Leu Ocean in 2003.

He is a scuba diving fan who mostly seeks the feeling of freedom in a 3 dimension space (exaclty like in skydiving which he is also addicted to), and the encounter with a wild underwater flora and fauna, ranging from the infinitely small to the biggest animals alive.

Max joined B'Leu Ocean for its philiosophy and the quality of its MARES equipment, perfectly fitted for safe dives. The school owns about twenty complete gears that you will find directly on the boat.  

The boat
Equipped for 24 divers, the boat offers an optimal comfort and safety with its large and covered board deck and its two rear launches.
The equipment is carried to the boat with the center's pickup. 

B'Leu Océan wlecomes you in a typical and friendly environment. Max invites you to share a convivial moment by offering you, after your dive and a nice shower, a punch and a good curry, two specialties from Reunion Island.

"Teaching others how to understand this world, how to love it and how to respect it, in the safest conditions".

Max Grall

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