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Big Blue Surf Center is situated on the beach in front of the Natura Park Village Hotel on the north east coast of Kos Island. This area is called Psalidi and it is well known for windsurfing and kite boarding, and the Meltemi, the strong north/northwest wind which is blowing side/side off from the left, almost every day during the summer season. Big Blue Surf Center  is  perfectly positioned facing the coast of Turkey which is only 15 km off of the center,. This creates a funnel effect on the Meltemi as it is squeezed between the two coastlines giving a stronger localized wind effect. It is 6km into the City from the center, and 25km to the airport.

The Big Blue Surf Center has a very friendly, family feel to it. It’s a well equipped and organized center and operates a fixed board system.  

The wind at Big Blue Surf Center is side/side-off shore from the left. Usually the wind is lighter in the morning when the majority of beginner courses take place, making the spot also great for beginners and kids. The wind gradually intensifies through the day and gives way to sensational slalom blasting with swell/chops up to 1m on the outside. Big Blue Surf Center is one of the few places in the world where all levels can practice their skills at the same time and practically all day long - beginners, intermediates and advanced! As well as the stunning views whilst sailing, the proximity of Turkey and Kos create a wind funnel system, making way to stronger winds than other spots on the island. The sailing area is large and safe, and there is dedicated Baywatch and Rescue service free of charge.

All amenities are on site, including:

Free Shuttle service from ant to the hotels of Psalidi

Toilets and Showers

Swimming Pool at the Natura Park Village

Free Beds and Umbrellas

Snacks and drinks in corporation with a take away restaurant.

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