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Discover the secrets of Sarawak with nature tours off the tourist trail, courtesy of Borneo Kenyalang Experience!

Founded in 2018, Borneo Kenyalang Experience is a sightseeing & touring company based in Sarawak. Showcasing a selection of natural treasures across the region of Borneo, their team of passionate and professional guides offer unique half-day and multi-day experiences at unique National Parks like Lambir Hill, Niah, Mulu Cave and Mt. Buda Caves.

Revealing a side of Asia unlike anywhere else, Sarawak offers an alternative for those seeking humble authenticity far from the tourist-trap clichés. Renowned for its striking biodiversity and untouched nature reserves, its most famous natural attractions still stand untouched by the on-going development of the country, allowing true explorers the chance to experience untouched nature - visiting iconic nature reserves like Gunung Mulu National Park and Bako National Park.

Inspired by the conservation of their national bird, the hornbill, Borneo Kenyalang Experience provides nature tours and wildlife experiences that help to protect and preserve the rare species that make this area of Borneo so special. A licensed tour operator registered with the Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, their objective is to provide quality travel and tourism services that range from nature hikes, mountain climbing, cultural expeditions to relaxing sunny beaches and caves around Sarawak. 

Scroll down to view guided nature treks and hiking activities in Sarawak and book with Borneo Kenyalang Experience.

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