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Christophe Bichet is a pro climber based in Paris and Fontainebleau. Christophe started rock-climbing even before he could walk. Rapidly, he became a well-known climber in Fontainebleau where his small size and his very aesthetic style quickly brought him some attention from the pro climbing community.

After living a couple of years in Asia, Christophe decided to become a pro climber and became a certified climbing and canyoning instructor. He started teaching and coaching in the Paris and Fontainebleau area and at the same time continued to train and progress to become one of the strongest French climber. Christophe is a specialist of the Fontainebleau forest - a true "Bleausard" as they are called - which he knows inside out.

But he is also an extremely strong cliff and alpine multi-pitch climber, and has in many places repeated some of the hardest routes (8c+/5.14c). A seasoned traveller, Christophe has participated in climbing trips and expeditions in some of the most well-known climbing spots in the French and Italian Alps, in Greece, Turkey, Yosemite (Utah), Boulder (Colorado), Red River Gorge (Kentucky), Smith rock (Oregon), Hampi (India), Krabi (Thailand) etc. 

Sponsored by PETZL and LYO Foods, Christophe currently splits his time between training for himself, participating in PETZL-organized trips, giving motivational speeches, and coaching climbing athletes. He is notably a mental coach for the French National Climbing team. 

In exclusivity for Adrenaline Hunter, Christophe Bichet proposes bouldering coaching sessions in the Fontainebleau forest, and he will be happy to show you some of the most secret and hidden spots in the forest, and share his many hindsights to make you progress both technically and mentally.

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