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You will quickly understand why Adrenaline Hunter decided to ask Emmanuelle Joly to join our Guru Team, just looking at Emmanuelle's impressive prize list in surfing!

Since her first title of European champion, Emmanuelle has stayed on top of the wave. Four times France's Champion, 6 European titles, fourth place in the world championships and World 14th in the pros, Emmanuelle is also the only French woman to have won a round of the WQS 5 *.

Clearly, Emmanuelle has one of the best prize list of French surfing. But summarizing Emmanuelle's career to a succession of titles would be simplistic. She is also the first European woman to venture into the professional surfing adventure. Voluntary, dynamic and passionate, she had to find sponsors and fought for the recognition of women's surfing at a time when it was merely ignored by the public.

Emmanuelle is an accomplished sportswoman and besides surfing, she participates in Nature Raids which she shares with a female-only team. She has not neglected his family life either, and the surfing culture is part of the values she tries to transmit. No wonder her daughter is also an accomplished surfer winning her first titles... 


Emmanuelle Joly's top spots:
- Australia: Snapper Rock
- The Maldives
- Biarritz: Lafitenia (always better to ride @home!)

Emmanuelle's strengths:
She is a sportswoman and above all passionate about surfing. When Emmanuelle rides, she is "fluid" on the wave.

The most amazing thing she's done:
Share up all his travels and activities with her children. His son is a confirmed skydiver, and also France's lifeguard champion while her daughter Uhaina already holds a French surfing title... 

How she discovered surfing:
In the Basque country, where she lives.

How Emmanuelle turned into a coach:
"I want to share my passion while continuing to live surfing"

Emmanuelle Joly created her surfing school in Biarritz in 2009 and offers surfing coaching as well as also a surf camp in Sri Lanka (the surf camp is exclusively reserved to girls).

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