Like most good stories in the Swedish backcountry, it all started with one man and his dog...

Turning a classic form of arctic transport into a seasonal business inspired by the Nordic badlands they call home, Fjälläventyr symbolises a life spent between the extremes - offering classic winter dogsledding and summer mountain biking tours that traverse fairytale forests and the vast Fjords of Norway.

A landscape like no other, Fjälläventyr has been celebrating Swedish culture since 1976 - combining 40 years of tradition with a recalibrated edge. Powering through the native terrain, what was once a story of survival has become a challenge for the modern day nomad - providing a break from the hustle and bustle to explore a unique setting frozen in time.

Capturing the essence of highland life in this untamed location, their team of specialist husky mushers and enduro trail riders share the seasons that divide life in the western border town - leading the pack with adventure holidays that bring ancient traditions back to life!

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