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François Laurens is a pure product of the Pyrénées, which is why he naturally chose to dedicate his life to the mountains, his one and only loves. How could he resist the call for freedom and wide spaces? 
Not only did François climb all the highest mountains in France, he also crossed the borders to discover summits from other countries!

His second passion, photography, is a perfect complement to his love of mountains. During all his travels and mountain climbs, he took amazing photos and managed to immortalize all these precious moments thanks to his camera. 

He tends to think men are very little compared to the hugeness of the mountains.

This passionate man is always ready and willing to share his adventures with those who are interested in mountains. As a good listener, he will give you the best pieces of advice to help you improve. Feel free to ask him all the questions you want since he literally knows everything about the mountains! 

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