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Like the proverbial ripple that starts the storm, the motionless waters of Lake Mapourika reflect a story that dates back to the Ice Age - paddle across the placid lake where glacier and rainforest first met with Glacier Kayak.

Parting mountains on its epic descent from Te Wahipounamu, the Franz Josef Glacier carves out the local landscape - with the rising meltwater of Lake Mapourika a constant reminder of its encroaching presence.

A landmark like no other, kayaking in its shadow is an unforgettable experience, that's why Bronwyn and Dale from Glacier Kayak decided to moor up their business on the banks of Westland National Park, providing kayaking excursions across the West Coast's largest lake system.

An environment of extremes, New Zealand's two largest glaciers have created a stunning eco-system of freshwater lakes, native rainforest and alpine peaks - all competing for dominance in this ever-changing glacial plain.

Embrace the struggle and discover its placid waters, breathtaking summits and even catch a glimpse of the nation's native mascot - The Kiwi Bird!

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