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Water Taxi offers some of the most amazing ways to see the southwestern, fjord-lined coastlines of Greenland, in the North-Atlantic.

Their ocean tours have provided tourists with a truly unique insight into life within this Arctic ocean territory since 2016, with their fleet of purpose-built water taxis and expert guides.

Greenland is an autonomous Danish territory that sits within both the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. It has a small population that lives within the southwest regions.

The capital city, Nuuk, has a population of 18,000 people. The closest International Airport is Keflavik, Iceland, which provides direct flights to Nuuk Airport.

Greenland really is a hotbed for animal lovers, with thousands of species visible every day in their natural, protected habitat.

The region is extremely popular with Whale watchers, with up to 15 species regularly spotted in the Greenlandic waters.  In the summer months, you can expect to see Humpbacks, Minkes and Fin whales. In the winter you’ll also get a glimpse of native Belugas, Narwhals and Bowhead whales.

Other wonderful mammals can also be seen at certain times of the year, from Arctic Foxes and Polar Bears to Walruses and Harp Seals.

When the summer arrives and the snow melts the fjords in Greenland come alive, with rich green hues and wildflowers transforming the landscapes.

For a truly stunning adventure in one of the most sparsely populated island’s in the world, look no further than the Water Taxi Greenland Tours.

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