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Guias Vall de Boi is a small but incredibly professional company created by Sidarta Gallego Solis, a certified UIAGM moutain guide and canyoning guide.

Sidarta grew up wild at his little home town in the province of Lleida. The region provided the perfect scenery with high walls and mountains that became part of his life since very young. His search for new and higher horizons has taken him to discover, and climb, amazing spots: from ascending the Alps, mountains in Turkey, Jordan, Patagonia, the Andes and even the mighty Himalayas.

Being in love since forever with mountains, he has evolved from a rock climber to different forms of climbing like ice climbing and winter mountaineering.

Sidarta is certified by the CTAC (Centre de Tecnificació d’Alpinisme de Catalunya) and from 2006 - 2008 he was part of the Spanish Alpine Team.

The mountain is his passion, from gliding over the crisp white of snow on the slopes while skiing, to fighting after gravity while ice climbing, or sliding down natural water slides and reaching the top of mountains and feeling the breeze.

He became a mountain guide and later funded Guias Vall de Boi so he could share that passion and helping make the mountain become part of you life too!

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