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On a cold October's day of 1911,  the lieutenancy of Tyrol and Vorarlberg approved the constitution of “Soccorso”, a mountain rescue company founded by a group of Mountain Guides from Madonna di Campiglio, with the following mission:

“To subsidy cases of injury or illnesses, to maintain and increase the collective spirit, order and harmony between mountain guides and to promote professional training for them in order to improve services”.

In such a way, the agreement between guides and sherpas gave life to the Mountain Guide Association: Guide Alpine Madonna di Campiglio. For more than 100 years, the association has enabled mountain lover and tourists to safely discover the outstanding beautiful nature of the Brenta Dolomites, accompanying them in challenging and fun adventures at the conquest of untamed nature and unconquered peaks. 

Over the years the Guide Alpine di Madonna di Campiglio continuously evolved to keep the pace with innovation to maintain the highest standard of professionalism both in technical and natural aspect, in order to allow clients to discover the most secluded places in total safety.

Living the mountains, at whatever height and level is the source of intense emotions and introspection! With your Alpine Guide beside you, the mountain becomes your friend and the excursion unique! The reliability and professionally of your Guide will pass to you the values of the mountains and teach you important knowledge. 

Come and meet the 14 passionate mountain guides of Madonna di Campiglio: an adventure is waiting for you!

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