KBA owns 12 kitesurfing schools in 10 amazing locations across Thailand & Vietnam! They established their first kiteboarding center in Hua Hin back in 2001.

Since then they have opened many schools in Thailand and Vietnam and are now by far the largest kiteboarding school network in Asia.

The school in Vietnam-Mui Ne: The Asian kiteboarding Mecca
KiteboardingAsia Vietnam is based in Mui Ne, a quiet beach resort town dedicated to kitesurfing. It is located 200km from Ho Chi Minh City. Its beautiful bay opens into the South China Sea and its regular thermal winds makes it one of the best places to kitesurf. Kiters themselves like to call it "The Asian Kitesurfing Mecca" and over the last few years it has become a World Class Kiteboarding destination.

In the morning the spot is exposed to gentle winds ideal for learners and in the afternoon it blows a lot stronger. If you’re looking to improve your riding skills then Mui Ne is the right spot for you!

The team
The school is run by Laurent, who is originally from France. They have an experienced team of multilingual instructors who are able to conduct lessons in English, Russian, French, German, and Vietnamese.

The school
KBA Vietnam proposes lessons for people of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced level riders. All lessons are supervised by IKO instructors. They also offer gear rental with the latest equipment on the market. The kiteboarding school is located at Ananda Resort, 48 Nguyen Dinh Chieu (the main road).

The shop
The  Mui ne centre has the biggest and cheapest shop in Vietnam and a Cabrinha, North, Slingshot and Nobile test centre.

The wind
From October till April, Mui Ne gets north eastern winds ranging from 10 to 25+ knots. The wind normally increases during the day and blows cross-shore to cross on-shore.

From April until September, the spot is exposed to south eastern winds ranging from 8 to 20 knots. It blows cross-shore to cross on-shore.

Mui ne is situated in 15km from Phan thiet, the local city, and is a 5 hour ride from Ho Chi Minh City.

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