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Embark on a truly unique adventure in the spanning, natural marvels of Mojstrana and its surrounding lush mountains and forests.

Kofler Sport was founded by Gregor Kofler, a passionate professional mountain guide who knows the rugged areas surrounding Mojstrana like the back of his hand. Since 2011, Kofler Sport has been sharing the magical wonders of Slovenia with folks who are interested in outdoor and mountain climbing activities that emphasize on exploring the unspoiled beauty of Slovenia as well as the importance of safety.

Mojstrana is located at the starting point of the Triglav National Park(the only national park in Slovenia), and has three awe-inspiring Alpine valleys that lead to Slovenia's highest peak, Mt. Triglav. Expect to see an abundance of incredible natural sights and wildlife in one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

Join Kofler Sport for an adventure of a lifetime and let their enthusiastic team of professional mountain guides, cyclists, and climbers share the majestic beauty of Slovenia with you!

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