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MiGFlug is the answer to all those aviation enthusiasts that want to experience flying on almost supersonic jet fighters!

Flavio Kaufmann and Philipp Schaer, both aviation enthusiasts founded MiGFlug in 2004. Their love for airplanes had made them spend quite some time on site during flights whenever it was possible. Their passion materialized into this amazing company that has taken them around the globe looking for the best aerodromes.

MiGFlug was founded with the sole objective of offering enthusiasts and people interested in aeronautics the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure flying on some of the world's best fighter jets.

For the team, having your trust is essential. They are aware that not only low prices influence the purchase decision, but also trust is a key factor to success. The only way to gain your trust is through working with professional, experienced and certified jet pilots and officials.

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