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NewKiteZone is a kitesurfing school located in Punta Pellaro, next to Reggio Calabria. The school is accredited by the FIV that is endorsed by the international kitesurfing organisation, IKO.  

The school is very involved in the development of kitesurfing and organises promotional events as often as possible. For example, every year they organise an event called Traversata dello Stretto, an exhibition about green energy.

NewKiteZone was founded in 2007 and is the first centre that has been accredited with the IKO certification in the south of Italy. Since then the school has accumulated many other certifications, attesting to its top quality teaching.

When the school was created there was no other similar structure at Punta Pellaro, there were only a few friends that would get together on the beach to have fun kitesurfing. They decided to create a place that could accommodate and welcome other like-minded kiters – thus the creation of NewKiteZone. Punta Pellaro is the only spot in Italy that offers the popular Kitesurfing Clinic.

Agostino Martino is the Director of NewKiteZone and has represented Italy in many IKO competitions from 2009 to 2012.

The school is currently able to conduct lessons in Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. 

All the equipment used by NewKiteZone is recent and is renewed every year. They only use kitesurfing gear by Cabrinhna - a leader in its field.

The helmets are reinforced with waterproof padding and are regularly cleaned. The helmets have integrated walkie talkies enabling your instructor to guide and coach you in real time. The life jackets are by Helly Hansen.

The wetsuits are created by ION, the school stocks a large variety of sizes and thickness – great for those of you who get cold easily.

Thanks to great weather conditions, NewKiteZone is open all year round – so drop by whenever you like!

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