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Nordik Way was founded by two Frenchies, Richard & Antoine, who wanted to live their passion for dog sledding and the North at 100%.

Nordik Way provides dog sledding excursions during winter in the Swedish Lapland. They are also open in summer for backcountry trips. 

The packs of sled dogs, each composed of about 20 dogs, allows Nordik Way to take care of them as their pets, which gives them a more human and family aspect. Thus, they only take small groups so that the participants can fully enjoy every moment with the team.

Their location near a big lake, in the heart of the boreal forest, allow them to enjoy everything that these huge Scandinavian areas can offer at every season. 

Richard is THE man of the North at Nordik Way. With his looks of a Canadian trapper and his Alaskan Malamutes, he represents the spirit of the mushers who live in the wilderness out of passion. He has over 10 years of experience in Canada as a pilot and musher. He then went back to France with his pack of sled dogs in Vercors Massif where he met Antoine. 

Antoine is a dog sledding lover. He likes to learn everything about mushing and love the unique feelings one gets during a mushing race. He used to live in Savoie with his Alaskan Huskies and Eurohounds. But he then thought that the only place to enjoy his passion for mushing was to go to the High North.



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Richard was very good at explaining how things worked and how the dogs would behave

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