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Old Skullz is an association with several objectives which are the promotion, training, information, discovery, animation and implementation of skateboarding projects. These projects are related to the practice of urban sports and to the development of urban culture. 

The Old Skullz association acts as an intermediary between skate amateurs and institutions. It offers a legal and moral structure to promote the projects and to encourage their implementation. The team is made of passionate people who wish to share their skateboarding skills to ensure a better supervision. 

Ever since its creation in 2008, Old Skullz Skateboard has been organizing events in the urban boardsports industry.

The team
The team is made of riders, educators, designers, engineers and photographers, all specialized in skateboarding and all thrilled to welcome you onboard!

MAXIME Cherarak is the director of the association and he also works as an instructor. He holds no less than 3 state certifications (in skateboarding, swimming and scubadiving), and he teaches skateboarding to every level: from beginner level to national level. As a true multitasker, he is a webmaster, a photographer and a video maker.

Teaching and animation
The skateboarding club enables to provide a professional supervision to this discipline, thanks to state-certified instructors (BEES skateboard).

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