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Philipp Bergau grew up as an ordinary Berlin city boy with no intention of ever earning his living from the outdoors.

He had long decided to work as an event lighting technician, once he had completed his studies. At least that was the plan. But then 10 years ago, everything changed when he got his first sled dog from a dog shelter.

He suddenly went from being a city boy, to living in a cabin in the woods of Germany. He decided to move away from his home and guide people in northern Sweden - something he did for over four years. This taste of Scandinavia led him to move to Svalbard with 5 of his own bred dogs.

During this time he increased his mushing knowledge as much as physically possible. He spoke to mushing experts and read and researched as much as he could on the subject. He spent the rest of his time on multiple week hikes during summer and on the sled and skis during winter.

He eventually realised that his happiness lay in combining his passion for sled dogs with his day job, which is why today he's a qualified musher, ready to take you out on a unique expedition.

Philipp loves nothing more than sharing his beautiful dogs and mushing excursions with other likeminded people.

If you happen to be in town, make sure you book an exceptional mushing excursion with Philipp and his expert team!


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