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Scenic Air is a Namibian company based in Swakopmund offering clients beautiful flights over Namibia’s popular tourist destinations from Sossusvlei to Etosha National Park.

Since 2001, the dedicated team at Scenic Air has flown passengers safely and happily all throughout Namibia and the greater South African Region. Whether flying for business, pleasure, or simply getting from A to B, Scenic Air will provide a friendly and reliable service for each individual customer. Scenic Air pilots are passionate about travel and all the incredible landscapes that make up the beautiful country of Namibia. From up above customers are sure to see the natural beauty, endless horizons, and picturesque panoramas from a bird’s eye view.

Based in Swakopmund, Scenic Air’s current fleet consists of Cessna 210 aircrafts, Cessna 208B Grand Caravans, and Quest Kodiak 100. This fleet is made of up of highly capable bush planes with the Quest Kodiac being considered as one of the best. Today, the company is developing and expanding their fleet with single-engine turbo prop operations for many more exciting flights to come!

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