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Serial Divers is made up of husband and wife team Emmanuel and Isabelle, the only 2 state certified (French 1st and 2nd degree) and PADI instructors in St Barths. They are both bilingual in English and French and have studied in the best diving clubs with the most competent instructors.

With the same goal in mind, the couple created the diving club to help you discover the mysterious wonders in the waters of St Barths. When you explore with Serial Divers, you immediately feel like a part of the underwater family, conviviality, friendliness and fun are key ingredients for a memorable adventure.      

For as long as Emmanuel can remember, he has always been immersed in water. He went to hunt grouper in Libya with his father when he was only 7 years old. He remembers his little flippers had trouble keeping up with everyone else’s.

In 2006 he decided to turn his dream into reality by building his future career around diving. From then on Emmanuel spent all his time learning the tricks of the diving trade from insiders, gaining as much insight and experience as he could. This gave him a deeper understanding of what issues he could face as a company owner and also made him realise what pedagogy and methods to avoid.

In 2013, Emmanuel gave up his ‘old life’ in order to become a diving instructor to help people safely explore the subaquatic world through diving. 

With a list of qualifications as long as his arm (State certified 2nd degree, MSTD PADI), Emmanuel can train both divers and future instructors. This is proof of his dedication and seriousness to your future diving trip. Emmanuel is the only person on the island who possesses such a high level of diving certifications.

Isabelle completed the majority of her diving training at Isula Diving Centre of Ajaccio. She then had to move away from her family for 7 months in order to complete the intense state certified training programme at a French sports school. She carried on to do her PADI instructor training and today is also certified to do deep water diving and Nitrox.

Isabelle is part of an organisation that raises awareness about women divers. She is currently the only state certified female instructor in St Barths. 

If you want to live an exceptional trip full of unforgettable memories then trust Serial Divers with your next diving holiday. You won’t regret it.

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