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TAHITI SHARK EXPEDITIONS is the first diving center in Polynesia dedicated exclusively to the observation of sharks and large marine mammals.

A concept developed by Nicolas Buray in order to share his 18 years of experience in Polynesian marine life, with the largest number of divers, driven by the same passion and attracted by the EXCEPTIONAL.

A reference in the diving universe
Nicolas Buray, renowned around the world for diving with sharks, launched this diving center. He has spent the last six years studying the behavior of lemon sharks. He is the man behind the creation of the “Observatory of Polynesian Sharks” (ORP) in 2011.

We can also find his work in the French magazine “Racines et des Ailes” and French shows such as “C’est pas sorcier”.

Today, the concept of Tahiti Shark Expeditions is dedicated to the observation of the mega fauna for enthusiasts and carried out by professionals who believe in a "useful diving".

An extraordinary adventure through Four Expeditions
You will learn how each species has evolved, what we know about them and what is still unclear. Thanks to the principle of the private boat, each expedition is built to suit your desires during a whole day.

The 4 expeditions : Tiger shark | Lemon shark | Humpback whales | Lagoon Discovery


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