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A company built on the banks of the mighty Rhone River, explore the Swiss hinterland with whitewater rafting and adventure kayaking excursions in The Canton of Valais with Valais Wallis Adventures.

The life's work of three outdoor professionals that came together to combine their years of industry know-how and international influence, Valais Wallis Adventures was founded on two defining watchwords - Nature & Adventure.


Sharing their affection for the natural environment and passion for adventure that's off the beaten track, Valais Wallis Adventures and their team of IRF, SOA, WAFA, ACA certified kayak and rafting instructors are a wealth of knowledge - providing guests with a unique insight into the region and the environment that rules this unique Swiss Canton.

The Canton of Valais (French) Wallis (German) is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland. It is situated in the southwestern part of the country. The Valais is composed of the main valley at the centre of which flows the River Rhone which takes its source from the glacier of the same name. The side valleys constitute the majority of its territory which extends to the Lake Leman in the east and is on the border with Italy to the west and with France to the south. It separates the Alps Pennines of the Bernese Alps.

Working with key players from the local community, Valais Wallis Adventure has become an integral part of life in this unique landscape - offering a range of river rafting and kayak progression excursions with a nature-orientated twist. A sustainable and environmentally focused company, join them on the River Rhone for a whitewater day out like never before!

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