French guiana

French Guiana is an overseas French department located in northern South America, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It borders Brazil to the southeast and Suriname to the west, and its biggest city is Cayenne in the north. 

Its territory is partly located in the Amazon rainforest. The forest in French Guiana is home to a rich biodiversity which is one of the most abundant in the world, representing 98% of the territory. This region includes a national park as well as 6 natural reserves.

In the Amana natural reserve, you will have the chance to observe a marine turtles nesting site, which is also one of the world's largest for the leatherback turtle.

In Kaw-Roura natural reserve, located 60 km from Cayenne, get ready to see one of the latest populations of black caimans in South America, as well as numerous waterbirds!

You can also go on a hiking excursion in the Trésor regional naturel reserve located against the slope of the Kaw mountain. Walking through a marked loop of about 1,8 km from Routa, you will explore a forest and small areas of typical Guiana savanna landscape, as well as an incredible fauna.

Sport fishing, catamaran, trekking expedition or kayaking excursion are among the outdoor sports you can practice in French Guiana.

Canoeing-kayaking is a fun activity accessible to all. Alone, with your friends or family, you can paddle on different sites, such as rivers, creeks or lakes and explore the surroundings.

Hiking expedition is an excellent activity for adventure and adrenaline hunters, a backpak hike in the middle of nature, out of time and out of the world! These trips are the perfect opportunity to live a great adventure and to explore the Amazon rainforest thanks to a complete immersion in nature.

French Guiana is a perfect spot for nature and outdoor sports lovers.

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