Kathmandu is among the top ten upcoming holiday destinations in Asia and it’s not surprising that it’s recently become THE spot for extreme sports in the Asian continent.

Famous for its beautifully crafted temples and spectacular architecture, Nepal namely Kathmandu is being sought out by extreme sport lovers and holidaymakers alike.

Kathmandu is home to a number of museums and art galleries, including the National Museum of Nepal and the Natural History Museum of Nepal. It’s a cultural hub for all things cultural and artistic and most of its art is influenced by its 2 predominant religions, Hinduism and Buddhism.

However, not just a haven for cultural visit, Kathmandu has a large variety of outdoor activities for absolutely everyone; lovers of heights, water sport lovers and nature lovers. Go for a bungee jump from 160 metres by stepping into the void from a wide suspension bridge, over the Bhoti Kosi River and experience adrenaline thrills like never before. Or try a twist on the bungee jump with a canyon swing, where you’ll jump and swing from a securely fastened rope for a total of 12 seconds – nonstop exhilaration!  

Water sport fanatics can explore some of the most popular canyons of Kathmandu and enjoy lots of natural water slides, abseils, jumps and swimming in crystal clear pools. The most visited canyons are Panglang Khola, Kahule Khola, Kanglang Khola and Bhukuthe Khola.

Want to really become one with the Kosh River? Then try a rafting excursion in glacier water from the 10th highest mountain, Shisa Pangma. The rapids are a solid class IV- V at high flow and a more classic III at lower levels.

Want to keep your feet firmly on the ground? Then try a 14 or 23 day hike surrounded by breath taking nature. You’ll be able to explore Tibetan culture in the most important Tibetan sites before reaching the sacred Lake Mansarovar and holy Mt. Kailash. The journey will begin with a flight over Mt. Everest to reach Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Take the time to appreciate the incredible beauty of the mountains – this is a one in a lifetime opportunity, make sure you seize it!

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