The creeks of Marseille, Calanques massif, extend over more than twenty kilometers on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. The practice of extreme sports is a complete blast since the beauty of the limestone cliffs over the seaside is absolutely breathtaking!

Calanque is a technical word to name a valley that was carved by a river, then recovered by the sea. The rugged terrain there is ideal for climbing and hiking. Grips are numerous and the moment when you catch your breath at the top of the cliff will leave you speechless above the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, which is particularly clear at this location. Hiking routes will take you from one beach to the other in a dry environment where the few trees and the scarcity of greenery paint a panorama that you will always remember.

Enjoy days of Mistral (a strong Northern wind) to venture high on the cliffs to face the Mediterranean Sea when it abandons its usual peaceful state and be on the front row to see the waves explode one after the other on the cliffs. Now you understand where the crevices come from!

Speaking of the sea... You can explore it both from the surface and the depths that are home to a unique fauna and flora in this limestone environment. Either diving or snorkeling, you will discover all the wealth of the seabed.

The Calanques are a unique place in the world and you should not miss them if you enjoy being in the wild! If you could not get enough from this spot, you will only be a step away from the whole range of activities in Var or in Verdon!

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