Cevennes national park

Cevennes National Park

Declared by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve, created in 1970, the Cévennes National Park is still the only park inhabited permanently in France with over 70 000 inhabitants spread over 152 municipalities.

Located between the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées, and Rhône-Alpes, the National Park is an exceptional spot due to its vast biodiversity.

Nature lovers will be happy to learn that Cévennes is home to many animals housing over 2000 of different species and there are over 2300 kinds of plants, 24 of which are endemic.

With the Tarn River running alongside the national park, forms a channel called the Tarnon. There kayaking/canoeing is extremely popular amongst travelers. Canyoning enthusiasts can try out some of the itineraries in the gorges of Tarn, Ravine l’Hérault or Lozère.

Mountain biking, trekking, and climbing are also activities to try out in Cévennes National Park. Finding downhill & uphill tracks, surprising paths and climbing walls that will take you to a plateau that overlooks the park.

The Grands Causses Regional Nature Park

The Grands Causses Regional Nature Park is a natural zone that was created in 1995. The park extends over the areas of Millau, Causse du Larzac, Causse Noir and Dourbie Gorge, Tarn Valley, the Causse de Séverac, and Lévézou.

Home to France's largest lakes, Grand Causses is divided into 4 regions:

The Causses has amazing limestone plateaus & cliffs that overlook the valley. Here nature aficionados can spot 200 species of animals, including 124 nest-building species.

The Pre-Causses is characterized to have steep slopes that border with The Causses area, where mountain bikers can have imposing downhill rides and climbers can ascent to the highest peaks of the plateaux.  

The Rougier located south-west of the park is distinguished due to the red color the soil and rocks have. You can explore the area kayaking through the Dourdou River.

Mountain Areas, perhaps the most ‘complete’ of all, this region of the park offers everything for an extreme adventure. Perhaps the most popular amongst thrill-seekers is The Tarn Valley where people usually head up to Raspes du Tarn, to try out canyoning, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking.

Now that you know more about this marvelous place, just go for it and experience amazing adventures!

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Der Canyon du Tapoul ist absolut atemberaubend, wenn man mittendrin unterwegs ist. Permanent neue kleine Herausforderungen und sehr abwechslungsreiche Passagen in unberührter und wunderschöner Natur. Für den Weg zum Einstieg talaufwärts, wird ein Shuttlebus (inklusive) angeboten. Am Treffpunkt gibt es genug Parkplätze und Platz zum Umziehen.

Parfait !
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C'est tout simplement magnifique.

A faire en famille
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Canyon magnifique

Super activité à faire seul ou en famille!
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Paysage magnifique

paysage magnifique ....! une activité riche en sensation !
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Très bonne encadrement, moniteur sympatique ét tres professionnel
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