Font romeu

The Eastern Pyrenees boasts the oldest ski resort in France

Font Romeu ski resort, located near the French – Spanish border is hailed as the oldest resort in the Catalan Pyrenees. Sitting above the original village, Font Romeu first opened its doors to winter activities in 1921 and hasn’t stopped since. The flock of sports fans and holidaymakers that visit every year is testimony to the incredible fun that can be had there.

The picturesque snow covered slopes, welcoming Catalan atmosphere and the multitude of activities such as skiing, trekking and mountain biking, attract beginners and experts from all over. Thanks to its relatively high altitude, Font-Romeu has also become, over the years, a favourite spot with amateur and professional sportspeople alike, including French national team athletes who often come here for specific training.

The resort retains a friendly family feel, however, there is no shortage of activities to satisfy even the most demanding adrenaline junkies. Whilst Font Romeu is the perfect starting point for backcountry skiing and ski-touring, there are also some great opportunities for mountaineering and ice-climbing in winter.

The resort is also very popular for trail running in both winter and summer, and there are several amateur competitions that take place there. In summer, Font-Romeu also offers great canyoning, via ferrata and rock-climbing activities, more than enough to make the most demanding fall asleep at 8pm...

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