Vasilitsa Mountain is a part of a big area called North Pindos National Park. This area is surrounded by some of the highest peaks of Greece.

Mt. Smolikas is the 2nd highest Greek mountain and offers great backcountry tours, the snow conditions are usually very good and safe and there are hundreds of descents some of them, never been skied before! Mt. Timfi is a super trekking destination, but in winter is transformed into a great ski terrain, a unique “alpine” mountain!

The most historical Mt. Grammos exactly on the Albanian border offers great open bowls for enjoyable skiing or snowboarding.

Greece is full of mountains! In fact it is the 3rd most mountainous land in Europe! Greece has another face in the mainland which has mountains starting from altitudes of 1000 to almost 3000 meters! The western part of the mainland is covered from a big (the longest of Greece) mountain range called Pindos Mountains. The mountains here are high as 2600 meters, and are surrounded by steep gorges, vast forests and unique little villages. In winter the snow is falling early December, and covers the high mountains until late April.

And the greatest: You get to ski always first tracks!! The mountains are remote and backcountry skiing is not yet so popular to Greeks, so most of this beauty is unskied, and empty during winter!!

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