With its outstanding landscapes and lush greenery, it’s no surprise that Reykjavik has become one of the most popular northern tourist destinations. As capital of Iceland, it is often seen as the heart of the cultural, economic and governmental activity.

Tourists are often attracted to the island’s volcanic backdrops and rugged but luxuriant vegetation, and what better way to see the nature up close than with quad excursions. Thanks to these unique vehicles you can easily travel across the jagged terrains and access Mother Nature’s hidden wonders – and in Iceland there are so many to see.

One of the most famous attractions is located close to the centre of Hafnarfjörður. Here you’ll find the extraordinary solfatara fields of Krýsuvík, where you can see a range of steaming volcanic vents and boiling hot springs, surrounded by brightly coloured hills. You can visit this area using a fatbike, the innovative wheels of the bikes enable you explore all year round, so you’re not limited to a specific season. Discover Iceland in all its stunning winter glory as well as its breath-taking summer panoramas.

Despite being a northern country, the temperatures rarely drop lower than -15°C in winter and hardly ever exceed 20°C in summer, giving the island a fairly mild atmosphere.  

For those of you who prefer to fly in the open air as free as a bird, don’t worry there’s plenty to keep you occupied too. You can try a glider adventure or opt for an aircraft that you may even be able to fly for yourself!

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3.8 / 5
Very good
Whale watching
  • 3 / 5

Great laugh
  • 3 / 5

Grotta, Reykjavik. We didn't get the best weather and it was cloudy so we didn't see the sunset, but it was still fun.

Highly Recomended
  • 3 / 5

A pitty we did no see the Northern Lights
  • 3 / 5


Would do it again!
  • 4 / 5

Nice Spot because we did see whales!

Great flight
  • 5 / 5

Incredible paragliding and private group tour!
  • 5 / 5


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