Gran paradiso national park

If you were standing at the summit of Gran Paradiso, at an altitude of 4,061 meters above the sea level, your eyes would be take in the breathtaking views of the National Park.

Roam free in the larch and fir forests, wide alpine grasslands, majestic rock formations, the endless rivers, white snowy peaks and ancient glaciers. 

The territory of the park extends between Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta in the northwest of Italy, and covers a territory of 70,000 acres of unblemished alpine nature. The symbol of the park is the wild goat, which largely populates the area together with marmots, deers, chamois, mountain hare, foxes, black grouse and golden eagles. The park is composed of 5 valleys: Valle Orco, Valle Soana, Valle di Cogne, Valsavarenche and Valle di Rhêmes.

The Gran Paradiso National Park has something for everyone all year round. No matter what the season you're guaranteed a fun and thrilling activity here. Late spring and summer are the ideal months for high altitude excursions, such as the alpinism routes to the refuge of Vittorio Emanuele. Trekkers and mountain bikers can enjoy adventures in the valleys. 

Rock and ice climbing are a widely practiced in Gran Paradiso National Park. The five valleys offer hundreds of routes for any level and taste! Other summer activities as via ferrata, rafting and canyoning are also available in the park.

Ever dreamt of skiing in paradise? Well it isn't called Gran Paradiso for nothing! You'll find a large variety of ski resorts such as Cersole Reale, Noasca, Locana, Ribordone, Valsavarenche, Villeneuve and Cogne. 

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