Hardangervidda national park

Extending from Numedal and Uvdal at the east and Røvelseggi and Ullensvang on the west you’ll find one of Europe’s largest mountain plateau and the largest National Park in Norway: Hardangervidda.

This mystical Norwegian spot is home to the largest population of wild reindeer in Europe and arctic fox. It is filled with glaciers, boulders, lakes, rivers and bogs. It composes the southernmost Artic flora and fauna in the country.

This gigantic mountain plateau has absolutely everything for adrenaline hunters. But warning, this majestically national park is only for extreme adventurers. Within its 10,000 square kilometres you’ll find plenty of climbing slopes, endless trekking trails and mountain biking tracks.

Through your adventures you’ll be surprised to see the wild panoramas, filled with colours that you’ll think you’ve never seen in such combination.  Rafting through white-water rapids in the summer and sinking in the beauty of the National Park.

Along your trekking and mountain biking adventures you’ll spot several nomadic settlements that belong to the Stone Age and surprising scenery that seems surreal.

The tranquillity and peace you’ll experience whilst climbing will make you have a longing feeling. Breathing in the clean mountain air, filling your soul with serenity and rejoice.

Cross country and backcountry skiing during winter have a complete different meaning in Hardangervidda National Park. Slide down through the untouched fresh-snow slopes and marvel at the views of The Big Nup (Haukeli Mountain).

Without doubt a must see place, the National Park never disappoints its visitors!

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Awesome snowmobile tour along beautiful route
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Beautiful nature

Une activité haute en sensations avec des paysages magiques
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Must do!
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Very good but pictures should be included in price
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