Peneda-gerês national park

With over 7,000 years of human presence in the area from Megalithic and Celtic ruins to Roman places like Portela do Homem, Peneda-Geres National Park is, ironically, the only National Park of Portugal.

The fact that Peneda-Geres is the only national park does not mean Portugal has a lack of natural beauty, many landscapes are protected and are considered natural parks, but Gerês is the only national park in Portugal. The park was established by decree in 1971 with the aim of enhancing, for educational, scientific and tourist purposes, human activities and the natural resources of this privileged landscape set in the mountainous areas in northeast Portugal. The soil, water, flora, and fauna have all been preserved.

The earliest signs of human presence in the area date back to 6000 BC to 3000 BC which by archeological standards is quite recent. Other megalithic graves and dolmens stay interspersed within the area, including near Mourela and Castro Laboreiro. One of the more recent remains is a Roman road, the Roman Geira which crosses the area. This ancient road joined the Roman civitates of Braccara Augusta and Asturgia. Today, segments of the road are preserved along the Homem River for its historical significance.

If you want an adrenaline pumped experience while enjoying the cool waters of a river then you must try rafting down the Minho River. Normally associated with the Spanish region of Galicia, where it originates, the Minho River marks the frontier between Portugal and Spain. There you can feel the thrill of riding the rapids! Splash, bumps, and amounts of fun await you! Also on the Minho River, you can enjoy a more laid back kayaking excursion, the perfect way to contemplate nature!

Staying on land but still allowing you to cool off, canyoning will give you that adrenaline fix you’re looking for! Where they’re mountains and rivers you can usually find a canyon, and Peneda-Geres is no exception. Close to the town of Viana do Castelo, you can find the canyon of the same name, jumping, abseiling and some climbing will keep you totally engaged!

The beautiful greenery in Peneda-Geres makes this National Park a perfect spot for hiking. Taking a stroll or a ride on a mountain bike through the woods of Ramiscal, Albergaria, Cabril and you will see landscapes that will never stop amazing you! Play close attention to the upper valley of Homem River and the Gerês mountain, you’ll hardly something as captivating as them. Thanks to many years of conservation, if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a wolf, a golden eagle and the Pyrenean desman that live in these hills!

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Great trip, good value for money
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Beautiful area!

Nature adventure
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Beautiful nature.

Fun and beautiful!
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The area was beautiful! Seeing the canyon with all its' waterfalls was really an experience.

Falscher oOrt
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Wunderschöne Landschaft und toller Fluss, nichts zu bemängeln.

Great day in Portugal
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Great trip!
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Beautiful part of Portugal.

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