The small coastal town of Sines has come a long way from its first records that date back to the Middle Ages. How would think it would become the surfing spot it is today!

Sines is not one of those towns that you will find as one of the top attractions in Portugal, yet the well-informed know that this coastal town has more than it meets the eye. Sines is an industrial town but it’s its marina with yachts that anchor off the beach that catches the eyes.

The town’s history dates back to Roman times, back then it was known as Sinus. Evidence from an archaeological excavation discovered that many old buildings that were constructed by the Visigoths. Later the town became famous for having good trading relations with some of the Mediterranean nations and thrived. The golden years came around 1460 when Portugal’s legendary explorer Vasco da Gama was born in there.

Today, Sines is world renowned surf destination. Beaches like Praia dos Aivados are particularly popular among tide riders. You can find this beach south of Porto Covo heading towards the town of Sines from the south. There a long sandy fun beach break that works year round. One of the reasons surfers from all over flock there is fairly uncrowded left and right waves working best after low tide. This is a perfect area to get lost and have a picnic in the local Portuguese villages that offer picturesque views of the region of Alentejo’s nature and beauty.

Nearby Sines you can also find Vieirinha or Pedra Casca Beach in the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park with and extensive sandy area. This beach is popular among locals, fisherman and surfers and bodyboarders enjoying the amazing waves and weather conditions. Similar to Vieirinha, Setubal and Vila Nova de Milfornte attract surfers and holidaymakers to lounge on the golden sand beaches.

If you are a surfer Sines is the place to be if not, why not have a couple of lessons or just lay on the sand and enjoy the beauty of the Portuguese coast!

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