Situated just 57 km away from Barcelona, Centelles is a town rich in Roman and Iberian historical architecture. However, monuments are not the only thing to visit while in the region. It is surrounded by beautiful natural areas, making it a popular destination amongst sport travellers.

Hikers can head west to explore the Sauva Negra, a 110 hectares state-protected natural reserve where excursionists and mountain bikers can explore the dense beech trees forest all the way to Torrent de Santa Maria.

On the northern side of Centelles lies the Puigsagordi Mountain, a rocky spot with a plethora of activities. Hikers or trekkers can come along with their families to roam around the scenery and climb the 972m high summit. The area also boasts some exciting quad and mountain biking itineraries that vary in kilometres and difficulty.

Just east of Centelles is the impressive Massis del Montseny mountain range, which climbs up to 1706m in altitude, and has been left largely untouched. It is a favourite amongst mountain bikers.

If this still isn’t enough, you can also try the famous via ferrata itinerary of Les Baumes Corcades. The 4.5km route is well known for having the longest Nepalese bridge in Europe (68m long). With routes filled with extraordinary views and 800m of equipped paths with different sections and endless obstacles, even the most seasoned adventurer will be fulfilled.

Just a short drive from the center of Barcelona, Centelles has a lot to offer !

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Wonderful experience!
  • 5 / 5

Perfect spot with great views. Must see

Great day out
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Baumes Concades Via Faratta with Francesc
  • 5 / 5

The start of the Via Faratta is a very short walk from the car park and took us a good challenging 3hrs to get to the top, plus a 45 minute trek on the way back!

Baumes Concades with Francesc
  • 5 / 5

I haven't done any other via ferratas for comparison, but this one was amazing! I would like to do more. Francesc said that the company also guides canyoning. I think I would also like to try the canyons in the future as well!

  • 5 / 5

Absolutely stunning views!! Very well put together safety wise.

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