Located in the Spanish Catalan Pyrenees, Vall de Nuria is a one of a kind place. This Pyreneean Spanish Valley is renowned for the incredible views of the imposing Puigmal Mountain. 

Situated at 2000 metres above sea level, this gorgeous spot has one of the most famous ski resorts in Spain. The ski resort also operated the Rack Railway and offers a total of 10 alpine ski slopes. 

During winter you can enjoy of skiing in the 7km of marked slopes and do some backcountry skiing in the highest peaks of the valley. Ski touring and speedriding is also some of the favourite winter sports. 

When summer arrives, the valley turns its white vail for green, becoming a paradise for trekkers and canyoning enthusiasts. Home to one of the most imposing descents in Catalonia: Gorgas de Nuria. This canyon is one of the most visited and its only suitable for experienced mountaineers. 

Anyone who travels to this gorgeous hidden place will not only enjoy of the perfect mix between adventure and relaxing. But the impressive views of the Puigmal Mountain will simply take your breath away. 


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