Sardine Run in Mbotyi, South Africa
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Description de l'activité

The Sardine Run in South Africa is one of the world’s top wildlife spectacles, and each year during May, June and July vast shoals of sardines leave their normal cold-water home in South Africa’s temperate seas and travel northwards into the sub-tropical seas of South Africa’s Wild Coast.

Following the shoal is a caravan of predators, seabirds, sharks game fish and marine animals with little else but sardines on their mind.

Thousands of common dolphins charge after the shoals, separating them into densely packed bait balls. Easy pickings not only for them, but also for schools of hundreds of bronze whaler, dusky and black tip sharks which attack the bait ball from below.

The aerial assault on the sardine begins when thousands of cape gannet begin their spectacular plunge diving display.

Join Walter Bernardis, shark expert who will be one of your skippers and one of your dive-guides on this wildlife spectacle. This is marine wildlife watching at its most impressive, a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something that many of the world’s top wildlife photographer and filmmakers consider the most intense and majestic marine wildlife event in the world. With 20 year's of experience, Walter Bernardis will be available with expert advice on your Sardine Run, don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

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